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Adaptive Energy

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ILA Energy Bars

When our body, mind, and spirit are nourished, we feel unstoppable. ILA bars help you achieve whole-body stability through nutritionally-balanced, plant-based energy bars infused with adaptogens.

ILA Cinnamon Pecan

Everything you love about a cinnamon roll with none of the wheat, veggie oils, or refined sugar. Sweet Chicory, aromatic Cinnamon, and grounding Reishi satisfy and enliven.

ILA Chocolate

Made with the chocolate lover in mind, this bar might taste like a fudgy brownie but it’s nutrient-packed and upgraded with nourishing adaptogens like Reishi and Ashwagandha.


REV Athlete Energy Bars

REV bars were made with the athlete in mind. Packed with adaptogenic herbs + an added protein punch from the highest quality grass-fed whey and collagen, we supply nutrition and taste to power you through your toughest challenge.

REV Cinnamon Pecan

Cinnamon roll goodness made even better with adaptogens like Reishi and herbs for the gut, like Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Chicory.

REV Chocolate

So decadent you’ll think it’s a cheat day - but Ashwagandha & Cacao won’t let you down!

What does it take to be an adaptogen?

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“At ILA, we believe in the power of a balanced lifestyle and simple, traditional means of nourishment.”

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“REV bars keep me going no matter what life throws at me.”

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