Our Story

Adaptogens have been vital in restoring our relationship with nature through health. Here’s how the love story began.

Unlock your full potential

With ILA! Your body is a fantastic creation–we simply nourish the power within! How? With herbal formulas designed to restore balance; with nutrient-dense, simple ingredients; and stellar education to back it up.

Behind our formulations comes the incredible expertise of our Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and Clinical Herbalists, Eileen and Amy. By turning inward and back to nature, these two overcame their own chronic health issues. Their passion now is to share the healing wisdom of herbs and holistic living through our high integrity products and relatable education.

Our approach to health is simple yet effective and ultimately rooted in reconnecting you to your body’s needs. Life is better when you feel vibrant. ILA helps you reconnect to your best, most vibrant self through beneficial herbs, nutritious foods and education to inspire and guide you.

Something that REALLY inspires us are adaptogens – a unique class of herbs that work WITH your body’s regulatory systems to offer support, balance and calm when life throws you curveballs. Every ILA product is packaged with wholesome ingredients and infused with adaptogens to fit into any schedule and support all lifestyles!

Get ready to elevate!

For centuries athletes have been elevating their performance with adaptogens. This unique and multifaceted class of herbs work with your body’s unique needs, they allow you to rise above everyday challenges while also revving up your endurance and strength.

We enlisted the help of champion archer and healthy living advocate, Levi Morgan to create these tasty, adaptogen-packed bars. After he experienced the way adaptogens could revolutionize his game, he was ready to join our team and help share our passion.

REV bars are designed to elevate your performance with clean, nutrient-dense ingredients optimized by adaptogens. We know that you work hard, so your energy bar should, too!

More about Levi

What inspired ILA & REV?

In a world where we’re overstimulated and overtired, our bodies crave more balance. Using herbs has been a daily practice for thousands of years, but through time, the human race has become more disconnected from nature and its healing properties. Our goal is to bring herbs back into the home in convenient, accessible, and tasty methods.

ILA was born out of a strong need for increased resilience and for cleaner, more wholesome snacks while REV was born out of a desire for improved performance and better recovery. Adaptogens give us the means to conquer both.

Our love for this unique class of herbs that support, nourish, and restore our bodies is where this all began. We believe that reconnecting our communities with nutritious foods and beneficial herbs will ignite the fire within us to restore our minds, bodies, and souls.

What makes us different?

How adaptogens help us go beyond...

Herbalism may not be mainstream (yet), but there is something for everyone. Here you can meet some cool plants, learn how they support your body, enjoy enticing recipes, find energy-giving workouts, and more.

How Adaptogens Can Help You