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The power of herbs meets balanced nourishment.

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Adaptive Energy

“At ILA, we believe in the power of a balanced lifestyle and simple, traditional means of nourishment.”

Amy Saleh, Herbalist and FNTP

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Herbalism may not be mainstream (yet), but there is something for everyone. Here you can meet some cool plants, learn how they support your body, enjoy enticing recipes, find energy-giving workouts, and more.

New Brands on the Block

ILA & REV are here, the brands we’ve been building for the last 3 years.

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Adaptogens: Your Herbal Personal Trainers

Let’s dig into how a singular class of herbs can simultaneously enhance performance, increase endurance, and support recovery all at once.

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What Sets Us Apart

Let’s be real - there are so many bars out there, but we wanted to create one that checked all of our boxes - and we have!

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