What Sets Us Apart

Let’s be real - there are so many bars out there, but we wanted to create one that checked all of our boxes - and we have!

There are a lot of bars out there.

Like, so many.

You might be wondering why we decided to enter such a saturated market. The truth is, as much as we love the convenience and concept of energy bars, we’ve never found one that checks all our boxes:

  • tastes good
  • doesn’t have a chalky or taffy-life texture
  • doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste
  • not filled with a ton of crazy ingredients
  • balanced with carbs, proteins, and fats

Plus, as herbalists, we are always finding ways to infuse more herbs into our lives (and our friends’ and family’s!). So we got to work!

We’ve spent the last 3 years perfecting our recipe. From sourcing to nutrition and developing a delicious taste, we haven’t compromised. This has meant many long days and nights in the lab, but now we have a product we are THRILLED to share with the world. 

The 2 main things that set our bars apart are the:

  • balanced ADAPTOGENIC herb formula


Because our bars are simply made and nutritionally balanced, they don’t leave your taste buds confused or your mouth filled with a chalky slime. We use only the highest quality, wholesome ingredients to provide everything you could want in a bar - high protein, complex carbs (with no fake sugar or sugar alcohols included), and modest fat (to keep you satisfied longer). It’s not complicated and it doesn’t have to be: when you eat balanced, you have less cravings and more satisfaction. A lot of people say our bars have the texture and taste of a brownie or cookie.


Adaptogens are very hot right now, as they should be! These complex, beautiful, and abundant* plants are a direct answer to many modern common complaints.

“I’m too tired. I wish I had more pep in my step. I’m just worn down. I feel like I get sick all the time. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to stay energized.”

Adaptogens have a unique ability to improve our body’s abilities to handle the ups and downs of life more gracefully. Which, if we’re being honest, we all need some help with these days. Adaptogens help us adapt, and since life is always throwing us curveballs, this comes in handy.

Historically, adaptogens have been used for over 2000 years (CRAZY!) on every inhabited continent. They weren’t brought under the scientific lens until the 1940s. Now that adaptogens have made a splash on the health food scene, it seems like they are everywhere. Awesome right? Well… kinda. This also means that you don’t always know where those herbs are coming from since these super tonics are new to the scene.

PLUS, many adaptogens are best absorbed as an extract or decocted for many hours, but many brands use the raw plant powder form. Basically, you are not really absorbing any of the goodies they have to offer. 

Additionally, as Herbalists, we are built to formulate. Rather than just throwing in all the most popular herbs - a little Turmeric here, some Ashwagandha and Moringa there… - we have spent time creating balanced blends - both energetically and aesthetically.

With our bars, you can count on:

  • a healthy serving of adaptogens in every product
  • reliable & cGMP certified herbal suppliers
  • the extracted form of plants* for maximum bioavailability
  • thoughtfully formulated, balanced herbal blends 

*Fortunately, many adaptogens are quite weedy and hardy in nature, so they grow abundantly for us to harvest and use, like Holy Basil and Reishi. Plus, many herbs are cultivated so as to not disturb native habitats. We do our best to source from herb farms and suppliers that care deeply for their plants and the land that produces them!