Meet Your Crew

Have you ever heard the phrase “your network is your net worth”? It holds quite a bit of weight.

Here’s how we see it: your network says a lot about you. The people in your life give you energy, motivation, and support. Some friends you can always count on for a good time, some friendships invite more challenge, and others encourage you. 

We like to think of adaptogens and their supportive herbs in the same way because they are just as complex and unique as the people in your life! Unlike synthetic substances, herbs represent a VAST array of compounds all interacting to bring you a whole, balanced dose of goodness. This is how Ginger can help both head AND tummy aches and why Licorice can support both indigestion and adrenal health.

Herbs are filled with SO many bioactive compounds we could never recreate, which is why they can achieve so much in the body. And while every herb is complex, each has its own unique energetics, affinity, and personality in the body—ust like the multi-faceted people in your life all have their own unique role to play. When you start viewing herbs in this way, you become that much more equipped to use them properly.

So, let’s meet your crew!

Our botanical team of teachers, trainers, and mentors are here to help you reach your highest potential. Let’s meet them!

Red Reishi: The Wise Sage

The leader of our herbal crew might just be Reishi—that beautifully lacquered polypore who feeds on decaying wood but gives so much vitality and strength to those who consume it. The Wise Sage Reishi is like a revered mentor who provides gentle, steady, and insightful advice and encouragement (but takes no B.S.!) 

Likesomeone who looks out for your heart while teaching you to protect yourself,Reishi does the same for your heart but through a constant supply of nourishment. Reishi supports your defense systems, grounds you, and helps you grow into the person you strive to be.

Ashwagandha: The Focus Coach

Meet Ashwagandha, the potent root we like to call the Focus Coach. Here’s why: There’s a fine balance between being focused and calm while also still maintaining a level of alertness so you are ready to tackle whatever challenge life throws at you. This sweet spot of being calm yet alert is where Ashwagandha really shines, allowing you to tap into that flow state of action without the nerves.

Shatavari: The Yogi

One crew member that we find especially valuable in today’s rather hectic, stress-filled world is Shatavari, the Yogi. Shatavari is the moistening, cooling root that brings so much calm and ease to our internal terrain. Having a yogi mindset - one that is cool, calm, collected and very in touch with breath and balance - bodes well for anyone looking to bring clarity and balance to their lives. 

Shatavari encompasses both the challenge and calm, just as yoga does with coordinated movement and breath. This crew member pushes and strengthens cells while still restoring and nourishing your entire system.

Licorice: The Harmonizer

We call Licorice the great Harmonizer because of its unique ability to elevate even a simple blend into an extravagant symphony of healing benefit. Licorice brings out the best of every herb, making that herb’s skill set really shine while also regulating your Qi (your life force or vital energy) and harmonizing your body systems for empowered, joyful living.

Herbs really can do so much more than we give them credit. Viewing them as vital members of our crew of mentors, friends, and healers might just take your health to the next level. It’s time we elevate our understanding of herbs and in doing so, tap into deeper relationships with ourselves, eachother, and the planet, too!