New Brands on the Block

ILA & REV are here, the brands we’ve been building for the last 3 years.

What the heck does ILA mean? 

I Love Adaptogens  - and after you hang with us for a bit, we know you will, too. 

What’s the deal? Why did you build a whole company around these plants?

Because we all need them!

Here’s a little secret: Herbs can do way more than just season your soup - they are chock-full of nutrients often missing from our food and can address many common issues in our busy, modern lives. 

Across the globe, our ancestors knew this. They skillfully blended herbs into their everyday lives for health and longevity. Think about it: someone in your lineage once relied on an herb for their very survival! 

As herbalists, we see a general lack of herbs & loss of connection to the things we put in our bodies. Among our clients and students, we also see a longing for a simpler, slower way of living and an understanding of the nourishing traditions that have sustained generations. We want to change that.  That’s why we’ve created a line of expertly formulated, adaptogen-based products (THAT TASTE BOMB).

Speaking of, have you heard of adaptogens? 

Adaptogens can be thought of as very special plants meant to be consumed regularly for ultimate, long-term benefit.  They can help your body handle the ups and downs of life better (and boy, there are lots of those these days!). This means more balance, more resilience, more energy to do the things you love. Intrigued? 

Now that you know a little more about our inextinguishable passion for herbs, meet us/connect with us!

REV Bars

Meet REV - created with athletes in mind

REV is the performance-based sister company to ILA designed with athletes in mind. REV bars were inspired by one athlete’s desire to enhance his focus and performance while protecting his title as 13-time reigning champ in bow-hunting (no big deal). He teamed up with the Herb Girls and they geeked out on how adaptogens - when taken properly and paired with balanced, whole foods - can elevate an athletes’ game in ways many other products can’t. The goal of REV is simple - to make nutrient-dense, herb-infused products accessible to athlete’s doing everything they can to improve their game.

What we believe:

  • Herbs belong in everyone’s homes
  • Herbs work better together; you can count on balanced formulas from us (we don’t just throw the next hot superfood in there all willy nilly!).
  • Food is precious, what we consume LITERALLY becomes a part of our new cells. Take a minute to let that sink in… #mindblown #natureisneat
  • Nourishing food should ALWAYS taste delicious. We want to take care of our taste buds, too. As they say, a spoonful of honey makes the medicine go down.
  • When you commit to a nourishing lifestyle, other aspects of your life improve, too.
  • Adaptability is a true sign of health, allowing you to be responsive, resilient, fully present & totally ready to handle whatever life throws at ya.
  • Education is paramount to living in a reconnected way, so we research and provide you with the most up-to-date and backed info we can!

Our non-negotiables

  1. Quality of ingredients - we’ve searched high and low for the best suppliers. We opt for local if possible and we keep an eye on how our choices impact the environment.
  2. Integrity of nutrition - balanced macros + a diversity of micros (all the complex but often overlooked compounds that make herbs so special & needed!) 
  3. Clean taste - no chalky proteins, sugary syrups, rancid oils, weird mouth films, or taffy-like texture that sticks to your teeth.
  4. Transparency - no secrets here: we’re confident in our products. If you have a question - just ask!