Meet Eileen & Amy

the herbalists & formulators behind REV & ILA

One doesn’t become an herbalist for fame or glory , but being students of this ancient art and science has enriched our lives in immeasurable ways. Now, it’s our greatest joy to share our knowledge (& tasty creations)  with everyone.

Hi! We are Clinical Herbalists, Nutritional Therapists, entrepreneurs, and most importantly - stewards of our beautiful, generous Earth. We long for reconnection to the plants, traditions, and simple ways of living that have nourished humans for generations.

Our products and companies are the physical representations of this passion for reconnection. Our goal is to make herbs and their wonderful benefits accessible to everyone- that’s why we are sure to make our products taste delicious! We believe that incorporating herbs into daily life is a small step towards health with hugely positive ramifications.

We met in Athens, GA and immediately clicked after realizing we both shared a passion for herbs and entrepreneurship. We formed our first business, Herb Girls Athens,  selling teas and educational content that combines our background in herbalism, nutritional therapy, ecology, and psychology. We LOVE to co-teach and co-create - it brings a light-heartedness and approachability to our work.  Plus, it’s just fun running your dream job with your BFF. Before starting our business, we attended the Nutritional Therapy Association and were trained by local herbal legends CoreyPine Shane at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine and Patricia Kyristi-Howell from Botanologos.


Eileen studied ecology, permaculture, and the ins and outs of agribusiness before becoming a full-time herbalist. She lives in Athens, GA with her husband & two cats, Tato and Yarrow.


Amy spent years interning at various acupuncture clinics and loves combining her herbal passion with her background in psychology and bodywork. Amy lives in downtown Atlanta with her husband and pup Riggins.